Frequently Asked Questions

COVID Polices & Procedures FAQs

Do I need to be vaccinated to come to the West Point Inn?

It is strongly suggested that guests be vaccinated due to the sharing of indoor facilities such as the Kitchen & Lounges. Guests who are not vaccinated will need to wear a face covering when indoors or when within 6 ft of others.

What will my stay look like during COVID-19?

  • Reservations are available for one-night stays: Tuesday through Sunday.
  • The Inn is closed to the public- only overnight guests are allowed on the grounds.
  • Outdoor check-in with the Innkeeper.
  • Kitchens are equipped with: a refrigerator, cookware, serve ware and stovetop.
  • Guests will bring and prepare all their own food.
  • Mattresses, pillows + blankets/duvets are provided: guests will need to bring all linens including pillowcases.
  • There are small propane heaters in each lounge; rooms and cabins are not heated.
  • No electricity or Wi-Fi access; guests will bring chargers, lanterns and flashlights.
  • No smoking, candles, or open flames on the grounds.
  • No animals or pets (except service animals), including outside and on the decks.

What other additional COVID-19 Health Practices are there?

  • Guests who are not vaccinated must wear a face covering when indoors or when within 6 ft of others.
  • Hike or bike in only- no driving privileges. Please visit the "Getting Here" page for more details.
  • Each guest (2 yrs of age or older) must provide their own face covering.
  • Guests are encouraged to utilize frequent hand washing.
  • Contactless hand sanitizer is provided.

What else should I know about making a Reservation?

  • There is a no cancellation, no refund policy. All confirmed and paid reservations are non-refundable and non-transferable, except under specific circumstances.
  • Reservations for the Emig Cabin #14 are generally limited to persons with a disability; however, if the cabin is not reserved seven days prior to the booking date, the cabin becomes available for reservation to the public.
  • A valid credit card is required to secure a reservation. A deposit of $25 is taken at the time of booking. After the pre-screening phone call, the reservation will then be confirmed and charged in full by the Reservationist.
  • In the event of Inn closure due to Red Flag fire alerts, the Innkeeper and Reservationist will attempt to contact overnight guests to inform them. All overnight fees for reservations canceled because of Red Flag fire alerts will be refunded.
  • All children (under 18 years of age) using the Inn must be accompanied by an adult. One (1) adult may accompany up to three (3) children. Children under 16 may not stay overnight in cabins without at least one adult sleeping in that cabin.​

When is Check In Time?

Between 3pm-6pm. All guests are responsible for arriving prior to sundown. The Inn is not responsible for informing guests of the MMWD or Park rules or for any fines imposed for after-hours hiking.

What if I can't make my reservations or am going to arrive late?

The Innkeeper is responsible for making sure all guests arrive safely. Call the Innkeeper at (415) 388-9955 to communicate any issues.

When is Check Out Time?

Check out time is 11am. Guests must complete their Departure Form (including cleanup and sanitizing of all private areas: kitchen, lounge, cabin/room, bathroom, & deck). Neither the Inn nor the Innkeeper is responsible for any personal property belonging to any guest.

Please download and fill out the following  forms prior to your arrival (PDF)


What is a Red Flag Day?

Red Flag Days are days that the Fire Department declares Mt. Tamalpais closed due to high potential fire danger, which can be caused by dry conditions, wind, drought etc. We have no control over when or how often Red Flag days are declared, but once they are declared, we close the Inn to everyone.The Inn is closed during “Red Flag” fire alerts announced by the MMWD and/or Fire District personnel. In the event of closure of the Inn due to Red Flag fire alerts, the Innkeeper and Reservationist will attempt to contact overnight guests to inform them of the Inn closure. All overnight fees for reservations canceled because of Red Flag fire alerts will be refunded.

Is there indoor plumbing, hot water and heat?

Yes, there is indoor plumbing and hot water, but no electricity. Cabins do not have heating or hot water. The Inn has fireplaces (winter use only) and propane heaters in the main floor Member’s Lounge and Hiker’s Parlor, however the Rooms upstairs are unheated. Likewise, the Cabins are unheated and may be drafty on windy nights. It can get very cold at the Inn, especially at night. It is recommended that all guests bring warm clothing.

Are pets allowed?

No animals or other pets other than legally authorized service animals are permitted inside the Inn, rooms, cabins, or on the outside decks or porch at any time. Day hikers with dogs must keep their dogs leashed.

Who runs the Inn and how does it being off the grid affect me?

Full-time innkeepers are on-site around the clock. The Inn uses propane to operate its lights and other equipment. Only the Innkeeper is allowed to turn the propane lights on and off. There are two propane heaters, one in the parlor and one in the member’s lounge. There are two fireplaces and plenty of firewood for use during certain times of the year, when permitted by the Fire department. The bedrooms in the main building and cabins are not heated. Overnight guests and volunteers clean and maintain the Inn and its surroundings.

Can I have a wedding at the Inn?

No weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding events, wedding showers and loud, boisterous parties are allowed on the grounds or in the Inn.

What are the no-nos?

No smoking, candles, or open flames are permitted anywhere in the Inn or the surrounding grounds. Barbequing is not allowed. Guests are not allowed to light propane lights or heaters, or build fires. Only the Innkeeper is allowed to do this. No Kegs are allowed.

Want to join?

Please visit our "Want to join us" page for details. Members enjoy reduced overnight reservation rates, reserve rooms an extra month in advance of non-members, receive a bi-monthly newsletter and participate in West Point Inn special events held throughout the year.