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Accessible Cabin

Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Visiting and Staying at the West Point Inn

The West Point Inn has one wheelchair accessible cabin, known as the Emig Cabin, #14. It is reachable by a ramp connected to the Inn’s accessible parking space. A ramp also connects the Emig Cabin to the West Point Inn. The Emig Cabin has the following amenities:

  • Full bathroom has an accessible toilet, wheel chair accessible sink and roll-in/walk-in shower with fold-up bench seating. Hot water is available for those with a disability.

  • One double bed that affords under the bed clearance for the use of a Hoyer lift. Also, there is a roll-away bed for an assistant. If a Hoyer lift is needed, it must be supplied and operated by the overnight guest or their attendant. The inn does not provide this equipment, nor assist in its use.

  • Bed linens: All visitors, including those with disabilities, are encouraged to bring their own pillowcases, sheets (or sleeping bags) and towels. These can also be rented from the Inn at an additional charge when you check-in. All cabins include pillows, blankets and comforters. There is no extra charge for their use.

  • Electricity: If electricity is needed to charge or operate medical equipment or for ambient lighting during the stay, provide this information upon arriving at the Inn. The Innkeeper will assure that the necessary electrical power connections are available.

  • Heating: It can get very cold at the Inn, especially at night. It is recommended that all visitors bring warm clothing. The public areas in the Inn have propane heating. The Emig Cabin has a radiant heater. The heater is available when the cabin is occupied by a guest with a disability, its use must be requested from the Innkeeper.


Environmental Illness/Multiple Chemical Sensitivities:

The West Point Inn has five other cabins. While these were not specifically designed for those with Environmental/Chemical Sensitivities, many guests have found that these cabins provide minimal exposure risk: these cabins do not have electricity, or heating. Furthermore, the building materials are basically bare wood, without finishes or glues or other materials that might trigger sensitivities.


Hearing or Speech Disabilities:

For persons with hearing or speech disabilities, please call the California Telecommunications Relay Service at 711 for assistance when contacting the West Point Inn’s Innkeepers and reservationist. Not all inn cabins and rooms have strobe lights attached to the fire alarms, so request a portable strobe if needed.


Booking the Emig Cabin:
Prospective guests with disabilities are strongly encouraged to call the Inn at (415) 388-9955 prior to beginning the reservation process so that we may answer any questions about the appropriateness of the Emig cabin or other facilities for their needs. The cabins and all other West Point Inn accommodations are available for reservations up to 90 days prior to the desired stay for the general public/non-members and up to 120 days in advance for West Point Inn Association members. The Emig cabin has an ADA exception to this policy. Reservations for the Emig cabin are generally limited to persons with a disability (and their guest or attendant) until seven days before the available stay date if not yet reserved. After that date, the Emig cabin is available for reservation by the general public and members. An exception to this policy occurs when a group has booked all the cabins and rooms in the inn.  “Whole Inn” bookings occur most commonly on Friday and Saturday nights. The Emig Cabin is included as part of a whole inn booking and is not limited to guest with disabilities.

Reservations for Overnight Stays:

Those interested in staying overnight at the Emig Cabin, or any other cabin or Inn rooms, will need to make reservations in advance using the West Point Inn’s on-line reservation system.


Persons with visual impairments and those otherwise not able to use the online system should contact the reservationist directly using email for assistance.


There is a $25 deposit taken at time of your booking your reservation online. After booking the Emig cabin you will receive an email from the reservationist confirming the reservation. All discounts and fees will be calculated by the reservationist and your credit card will be charged for the correct cost of the reservation at time of confirmation by the reservationist.

Occasionally guests will ask to stay longer after they arrive. We will accommodate this if the cabin is available.


All other West Point Inn overnight stay reservations policies apply . Please read these before completing your online reservation. See complete Reservation policy.


Driving Directions:

Persons with chronic or even temporary disabilities who are unable to walk/hike to the Inn are allowed to drive/be driven to the Inn using the Old Railroad Grade fire road. This road is both rough, and narrow. High clearance vehicles are recommended. Low clearance vehicles can “hang-up” on the uneven and unpaved road surface. Cell phones do not work everywhere on Mt. Tamalpais, so we advise you to obtain the gate operating code before starting up to Mt. Tamalpais.  The code number is obtained from the Innkeeper by telephoning 415-388-9955 during the Inn’s daytime business hours, which are 11 am to 5 pm, Tuesday through Sunday.


To get to the fire road, start at Pantoll Ranger Station. This is part of the Mount Tamalpais State Park (googlemaps). The ranger station is located at the crossroads of Panoramic Highway and East Ridgecrest Boulevard. From Pantoll take East Ridgecrest Boulevard into the state park, which is toward the top of Mt. Tamalpais. If coming from San Francisco/Mill Valley this is a right turn. Continue up East Ridgecrest Boulevard for 3.1 miles, following the signs for East Peak. The Old Railroad Grade Fire Road fire road is unmarked, but located on the right side of East Ridgecrest Boulevard near the parking lot at the top of Mt. Tamalpais. Entrance to the fire road while heading toward East Peak requires a sharp steep right turn onto the fire road.  A less challenging turn is possible if one continues up into the East Peak parking lot to make a U-turn, and returns to the fire road for a left turn. There is a locked electric-powered gate at the entrance to the fire road. The gate has a number pad, which is reachable from the driver’s side window. Enter the code you received from the Inn’s Innkeeper. Once you drive through the gate, it will automatically close. 


It is about a 1.3 miles from the gate to the Inn. Drive slowly and cautiously because this road is shared with cyclists and hikers. You will park at the Inn’s accessible parking space. No gate code is needed on the return journey. As you approach the gate, stop about 15 feet of the gate and wait for the gate to automatically open.  Once you drive through the gate, it will automatically close. 


Parking and Accessibility within the Inn

At the West Point Inn, there is one van accessible parking space available for self-parking. It is adjacent to a wheelchair ramp into the accessible Emig cabin, and the Inn’s entrance door and Member’s Lounge. The accessible parking space is reserved only for those with a current state disability placard or license plate approved by DMV (from any state). This is enforced by water district rangers and the sheriff. Persons driven to the Inn without a required state placard can use the accessible parking space for loading and unloading only. The innkeeper will direct the driver to an alternative parking space.


The inn’s common areas and main deck are reachable from the interior of the Inn using a wheelchair accessible path-of-travel that exists throughout the Inn to the Inn’s front door.


Accessible Public Restrooms

There are two public restrooms, with one being fully accessible, off of the main deck. The sink in the accessible public bathroom has hot water.

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