Now through July 2021, The Inn is accepting reservations for semi-private 2-night stays. 

Starting in August 2021, The Inn will advance to 50% occupancy, shared facilities, and 1-night minimum stays.


Please Note

The Inn, including decks, will continue to be available for overnight guest use only. 

The West Point Inn is an historic, off-the-grid (no electricity) property. It is accessible by an approximately 2 mile walk or bike ride. The Inn is also ADA accessible. 


The Inn is open to the public and non-members on Tuesday through Sunday year round. The public has access to the hikers lounge with drinks and snacks and public restrooms.


Sunday night room and cabin reservations are limited to WPIA Members only.


The Inn is closed on Mondays to both members, and the general public. The grounds, deck and public bathroom are available on Monday.

The Inn, including the grounds and deck are currently closed to the public due to COVID-19, but IS open to the overnight guests for limited stays Tuesday through Sunday.

Please go to  COVID-19 Rates & Reservations  for more information and to make a reservation. 

The Inn is closed on Mondays.

Rooms at the West Point Inn


The Inn has seven rooms on the second floor with a shared toilet and bathroom.


All Inn rooms are accessed by a narrow stairway. Each room is supplied with pillows, blankets, and comforters. The rooms are not heated. Guests need to bring their own pillowcases, sheets (or sleeping bags) and towels.

The Inn has seven rooms all on the second floor. There is a private bathroom with tub, toilet, and sink located nearest Rooms #1and #2. Rooms #1, #3 and #5 have south facing views. All Inn Rooms are accessed by a narrow stairway. Each room has a mattress; Guests need to bring sheets, pillows, and blankets (or sleeping bag), and bath towels and lanterns or flashlights. Rooms are unheated.  

Cabins at the West Point Inn

There are five Cabins located 50 to 200 feet from the Inn and are accessed via a stone pathway. Cabins require a two-person minimum nightly fee except for the Emig Cabin.


The Toby cabin #8 and the Honeymoon Cabin #12 have private toilets and cold water sinks.


The Emig Cabin, #14 is ADA compliant and is held available for persons with disabilities (and their guest or attendant). The cabin is held until seven days before the available stay date. If not yet reserved by that date, it becomes available to the general public. An exception to this policy occurs when a group has booked all the cabins and rooms in the inn. All the cabins can be booked directly on the reservations web site.


Guests with disabilities are strongly encouraged to call the Inn at (415) 388-9955 with any questions, or to discuss any special needs, prior to beginning the reservation process.


Persons with visual disabilities or persons who are unable to use our online reservation system should contact the InnKeeper directly by calling (415) 388-9955. The InnKeeper will assist in the reservation process.

WPI aerial MAP 10_25_19.jpg
Kitchen & Member's Lounge 

The Inn does not serve food, but does offer a communal, well-equipped kitchen with two large gas stoves with burners, gas oven and broiler, refrigerator, dishes and cutlery, pots and pans, and spices/condiments to share with other guests. Kitchen clean up by guests is required. There is no ice machine, microwave or BBQ for guest use. 

The Member's Lounge contains a piano, comfortable sofas and chairs, a large dining and coffee table, books, and a stone fireplace.


Kitchen and Member's Lounge is available together for day-use Tuesday through Sunday 11 am-3 pm. 

  • Members $ 150/day                    

  • Non-members $ 300/day


The Inn has a kitchen with 6-burner gas stove, oven, refrigerator and dishwashing  sink. At this time, each guest will receive a limited Kitchen Cooking Kit for individual use during their stay. 

The Member's Lounge is currently not available for day-use Tuesday through Sunday.

Professional grade kitchen sink with shelving for glasses and coffee pots
Members Lounge with couches coffee and dining table
Other Amenities at the West Point Inn
Front Parlor/ Hikers' Lounge


The front parlor has several chairs, a dining table, propane heater and desk. There are no games available at this time.

Entry parlor of West Point Inn
Grounds & Deck


Outside the main level of the inn there is a large covered deck, with views of the Bay Area. The deck contains wooden picnic tables and chairs for relaxing or enjoying the view and a picnic lunch. The deck is ADA accessible from the inn’s front door.

On the ground level are more picnic tables with sweeping views, and a horseshoe pit.


No public restrooms are available at this time.


No fire of any kind is permitted.


The Inn does not permit bachelor parties, wedding events, kegs, or loud, boisterous parties on the grounds or in the Inn.

See Reservations Policies during COVID for more information.