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Friends of the Inn

Commemorative Poster Celebrating 100 Years!
WPI 100 years poster 2.jpg

There are only a few of these lovely WPI 100 year commemorative 24" x 18" posters by David Curtis left.

$30 + $12 for packaging / postage: $42  

(price is for poster only, unframed) 

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Help preserve and maintain WPI by making a donation! Please consider becoming a Friend of the Inn by making a monetary contribution. There are many ways to donate.

Thank you for choosing from the options below.

The West Point Inn Association

501 (c)3 Tax ID 941006852


Please help Support the West Point Inn by becoming a "Friend of the West Point Inn" with a tax deductible contribution.

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To donate by check, please mail to:

West Point Inn Association

4040 Civic Center Drive, Suite 200

San Rafael, CA 94903

Use this for a quick donation
Corporate Matching Gift Program
Please check with your employer to see if they have a Matching Gift program. If they don’t have a program associated with the West Point Inn, suggest they look into one! 


The West Point Inn Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit association. Tax ID 941006852

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