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West Point Inn Association

 The West Point Inn Association is a group of approximately 600 volunteers who maintain and operate the West Point Inn on scenic Mt. Tamalpais, located just north of  San Francisco in Marin County.  Members enjoy the camaraderie of others in a setting that is second to none.


Activities such as Work Parties to maintain and/or improve the Inn and its facilities, our famous Pancake Breakfasts, Heritage Night, and special event dinners for Christmas and New Years are just some of the WPI events hosted by our members for other members and the public.


Members can also enjoy the privileges of discounted overnight fees for staying at the Inn and a number of member-only activities.  In addition, Members can reserve up to 4 months in advance whereas non-members can reserve only 3 months in advance.


Members of the West Point Inn Association are all linked by a sincere appreciation of the Inn and its people and are willing to donate personal time and resources to ensure that the West Point Inn remains for many years to come.


A bit of WPI Association History


In 1943, the Marin Municipal Water District considered razing all the old buildings because, unattended, they were a fire hazard. Concerned citizens and members of hiking clubs then formed the West Point Inn Club to save the historic facility.  For the next 34 years the Club ran and maintained the Inn providing refreshments, picnic facilities, restrooms, and overnight accommodations to hikers.


In 1977, as a condition of lease renewal, the Club made the commitment to undertake major restoration of the historic Inn.  New by-laws were adopted and in 1978, the name was changed to West Point Inn Association to more accurately describe the organization of approximately 200 volunteers dedicated to preservation and restoration of the Inn.


Several major projects and much refurbishing have been completed, but a great deal remains to be done. While members’ dues and contributions, refreshments sales, and overnight use fees help with maintenance and operating costs, additional contributions of capital are needed for the on-going maintenance and restoration of the Inn.

WPIA Officers

Executive Director, Don Keeley

President, Mark Northcross

Vice President, James Hill

Treasurer, Craig Hill

Secretary, Joss Hanna

Parliamentarian, open


WPIA Board Members

Craig Hill

James Hill

Pete Karlen

Melanie Leavitt Cantarutti

Mark Northcross

Patti Schmidt

Allison Stockman

Ceci Van Voorhees

Alan Zimmerman

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