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Listed in alphabetical order:

Activities and Events

Volunteers should sign up via the website link for WORK PARTIES

Chairs: Patti Schmidt  and  Nancy Fox

The buildings and grounds chair is responsible for large and small constructions projects.
Chair: Michael Jefferies
Buildings and Grounds
Development (“Ways and Means”) Committee

The development committee develops, implements and manages a general fundraising program for the West Point Inn.  The committee responsibilities include:  developing a gift acceptance policy for the Inn, enabling donors to make inquiries and donations through the website, making presentations to member groups and gatherings, holding appreciation events for donors in the Legacy Society; and serving as liaison to donors and to the Marin Community Foundation. 

Chair: Peter Karlen

Election Committee

The Election Committee carries out and supervises the elections procedures of the Association in accordance with the Bylaws and to act as inspectors of elections. We notify the Board and the Membership of upcoming elections and their process.


We receive candidates from the Nominating Committee and from those Members choosing to run via petition and create a ballot listing all candidates alphabetically along with their submitted biographical statements. This ballot is distributed via postal mail to all eligible voting members in good standing as well as a copy to be posted at the Inn at least 30 days prior to the vote. 


We also provide the newsletter with copies of the candidates’ biographical information, to be published in the October edition. EC arranges for at least two members to tabulate the ballots and provide the results to the President or Board Member presiding over the Fall Membership Meeting. We are also responsible for carrying out any recall, bylaw amendment or special elections as called for by the Board, Member petition or other process as put forth via the Bylaws.

We are currently working on a tie-breaker method if it should ever be needed.

Chair: Susan Aronovsky

Fire & Safety Committee

The fire and safety committee oversees all aspects of fire safety at the Inn and the area that immediately surrounds it, making sure that brush is cleared, and that all fire-fighting systems and equipment are in perfect working condition.

Chair: Scott Halsted

Garden Committee

The committee maintains the herb and vegetable garden at the West Point Inn. Responsibilities of the committee chairperson include overseeing the garden and its contents by attending at least 3 work parties each year, and visiting the inn, at least quarterly as necessary. The chairperson writes a short newsletter column and submits photographs to report progress and changes. The chair attends membership and/or board meetings and communicates with the innkeepers as needed regarding garden issues. 

 Chair: Kathleen Kopp 

Heritage/History Committee

The committee coordinates information on the history of the West Point, the Railroad and the Mountain and hosts our annul heritage night.

Chairs: Fred Runner 


Responsibilites include accepting and facilitating material donations, purchasing supplies for the Inn, and most importantly, striving to consider and maintain historical authenticity withevery purchase and donation.  A short presentation is made at both the Fall and Spring meetings. The chair also attends board meetings and work parties as needed, while visiting the Inn frequently and working with Innkeepers to assess the needs of the Inn. The chair consults with and gets approval from the President and the board for expenses exceeding $1000.00.  

Chair: Fran Rondeau  / Co-chair: Bonnie Jones 


Membership committee responsibilities are to receive and process application for membership in the association, send off annual membership & locker dues notices and collect and forward payments to treasurer, issue lockers to members on wait list when one becomes empty, and to keep an up to date membership roster list and manage and maintain our membership database.

Chair: Talia Friedman

Newsletter Editor

The newsletter editor is responsible for gathering all newsletter submissions and generating a newsletter layout for the Inn every other month. Once the layout is complete the editor will send a pdf electronically to all members on the email list and manage printing and mailing the hard copies as necessary. The editor's responsibilities also include sending email blasts to all members as necessary (ie: work party requests, general news pertinent to all members). In addition, the editor must work with membership to ensure the membership database is updated accurately with correct emails or newsletter preferences. This position requires roughly 10 hours every other month.  Our newsletter editor welcomes submissions of news items and photos for our semi-monthly newsletter.   Be sure to submit your news items well in advance of publication date.

Chair: Allison Bricker 

Old Timer’s Liaison

The role of the Old Timers Liaison consists of serving as a link between long time members (20 years+) and the WPIA and hosting the annual Old Timers’ Appreciation Party. The liaison may also do interviews with long time members and publish brief articles in the newsletter to acquaint the newer members with the people who have built and maintained the West Point Inn and to share their memories of the early days at the Inn.


Pancake Breakfast

The Pancake Breakfast Committee shall organize and oversee the six fundraising breakfasts held through the year. The PBC shall determine the dates for the breakfasts (once a month, from May to October) and arrange for both a PB and a Clean-Up Host. PBC shall notify whoever is responsible for the Master Calendar, so that the nights before and after each breakfast can be set aside for the respective crews. PBC shall coordinate with the Innkeepers and PB hosts to insure that proper supplies are in place prior to each breakfast. PBC shall obtain and submit to the Board a report from each PB host listing the gross receipts, net profit, cost of goods sold and number of breakfasts served. 

Chairs:  Lin Marcuse 


Personnel chair holds a quarterly meeting with all Inn Keepers (IK) to hear their concerns / recommendations, as well as discuss pertinent Inn issues to keep everyone updated; Responsibilites also include keeping board informed as needed, keeping a list of Inn Keeper duties and a maintenance list and make available to all Inn Keepers; Personnel chair provides new Inn Keepers with the IK binder containing tabs on (roles, fire safety, duties, Inn history, maps, process of greeting and checking in guests; He/she ensures all Inn Keepers have an understanding of how to record their work time and submit to bookkeeper and appoints a lead Inn Keeper and scheduler; Oversees IK in charge of reservations and ensures they have equipment/training needed to perform their job; Addresses any personnel concerns and brings to board as necessary including the need for additional Inn Keepers; Keeps binder of Inn Keeper minutes each year; Holds regular training each year for fire/evacuation safety as well as propane, lighting and water tank operations. 

Chairs: Patricia Schmidt, Fran Rondeau & Bonnie Jones

Policy & Procedures

The policy and procedures chair is responsible for maintaining the West Point Inn Policy Manual, West Point Inn Bylaws and West Point Inn Reservations Policy Manual; he/she works directly with the West Point Inn President and W West Point Inn Board to keep current these manuals. This committee may be utilized by the West Point Inn President and/or Board to make recommendations for changes and/or additions to the above documents – subject to approval of the West Point Inn Board. This committee may also be utilized by the Board and/or President to aid in the interpretation or determine applicability of any of the above documents as they would apply in actual situations. 

Chair:  Wayne Koide   

Information Technology (IT)

The IT Committee handles the online reservations booking engine and manages the website.

Chair: Alyssa Jorgensen

Work Parties

Work parties take place the 3rd Saturday of each month starting at 10am, with lunch at 1:15pm and then clean up, ending at 2pm. The Work Party Chair works with the Inn Keeper's and other committee chairs to create a list of a variety projects that can be done by the volunteers when they arrive. Projects include painting, general cleaning, organizing, brush cutting, gardening, repairing and other special projects. Volunteers should sign up via the website link on the WORK PARTIES page.

Chair: Donald DeLave

Volunteers are asked to email and sign up at least one week before the 3rd Saturday of each month. 


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