Current WPIA Board

Board of Directors

The West Point Inn Association Board of Directors meet from 7-9 p.m. the second Monday of every month except December in the boardroom of MMWD in Corte Madera. The nine board members discuss, and vote on issues as listed in each agenda.


Board members are familiar with the by-laws and policies of the Inn. These issues are frequently prepared in advance of the meeting. Discussions include a variety of issues and may include reservation questions, innkeeper concerns, interpretation of words in the by-laws, policies, new construction projects, upcoming events, website and newsletter ideas.


Directors attend all member meetings, which are held twice a year, in October and April, at the Inn. Board members also support and attend, whenever possible, Inn supported events and may elect to chair, co-chair or volunteer at Inn sponsored activities such as work parties, new member barbecues, old timers gathering, pancake breakfasts, the Christmas party, and Heritage Night.


 Officers & Board Members

President - Donald Keeley (510) 388-0765

Vice President - Alyssa Jorgensen (415) 686-7731

Board Members


Donald Keeley  2019-2022

Nancy Fox  2020-2022

Michael Jefferies  2020-2022

Alyssa Jorgensen  2021-2023

Andrew Grant  2021-2023

Talia Friedman  2021-2023

PeteR Karlen  2022-2024

Mark Northcross  2022-2024

Patricia Schmidt  2022-2024