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Please read policies and New COVID-19 Safe Practices before booking your reservation 


Inn Hours

The Inn is open to the public Tuesday - Sunday.

11 am - 6 pm during the summer and 11am - 5 pm during winter months.

It is closed to both Members and Non-Members on Mondays. It is closed on Red Flag Alerts on Mt Tam.

Making a Reservation


Reservations to use the West Point Inn facilities, both day and overnight, must be made through the West Point Inn online reservation system located on the Inn’s website. 


All accommodations are available for reservations up to 90 days in advance of the desired stay for the general public and up to 120 days in advance of the desired stay for West Point Inn Association members.




A valid credit card deposit is required to secure a reservation. A deposit of $25 deposit is taken at the time of booking. The reservations will then be confirmed and charged in full by the reservationist. The reservation confirmation will be sent via email within 48 hrs of booking.


Booking Outside of the Policies


Reservation requests received outside of the policies will not be accepted and you will be charged a 20% transaction fee of your deposit paid. (i.e. $25 deposit will be charged a $5 transaction fee)


Accessible Cabin


The Reservation process for disabled guests is described under the accessibility page.


Non-refundable and Non-transferable Reservations


Accept as noted below, all confirmed and paid reservations are non-refundable and non-transferable.  In limited circumstances and only on approval by the President, a substitute date may be offered when a cancellation is due to guest illness, injury or other extraordinary circumstances.

Cell Phones and Electronics


Cell phone, computers, radios, TV, and video games are not permitted in the common areas. The Innkeeper has a telephone and internet connection in his/her quarters for incoming calls and for use in case of emergency


Driving to the Inn


Driving in to the Inn is not generally permitted and is allowed only in very limited situations.  Guests who have state-issued ADA parking placards may drive into the Inn and park in the designated ADA parking space upon making advance arrangements with the on-duty Innkeeper.  Typically, guests reserving the entire Inn or who are injured or unable to hike to the Inn will be permitted to drive in, subject to MMWD limits on vehicles. Other guests may drive to the Inn only with prior Innkeeper approval. Anyone driving to/from the Inn must drive carefully and slowly, as hikers and bikers frequently use the same road. Once parked at the Inn, vehicles may be driven off the premises prior to checkout only in an emergency or with the on-duty Innkeeper’s approval.


If you are driving to the Inn use the Old Railroad Grade fire road.  This road is an uneven and unpaved road surface. High clearance vehicles are recommended, but not essential if you drive slowly and carefully. Cell phones do not work everywhere on Mt. Tamalpais, so we advise you to obtain the gate operating code before starting up to Mt. Tamalpais.  To get the code call the Innkeeper on duty at 415-388-9955 during the Inn’s daytime business hours. Tuesday – Sunday, 11 am to 5 pm.


To get to the Fire Road, start at Pantoll Ranger Station in Mount Tamalpais State Park. This is located at the crossroads of Panoramic Highway and East Ridgecrest Boulevard. From Pantoll take East Ridgecrest Boulevard which is located across the street from Pantoll Parking Lot.  Continue up East Ridgecrest Boulevard for 3.1 miles, following the signs for East Peak. The Old Railroad Grade Fire Road fire road is unmarked, but located on the right side of East Ridgecrest Boulevard below the parking lot at the top of Mt. Tamalpais. Entrance to the fire road while heading toward East Peak requires a sharp steep right turn onto the fire road.  A less challenging turn is possible if one continues up into the East Peak parking lot to make a U-turn, and returns to the fire road for a left turn. There is a locked electric-powered gate at the entrance to the fire road. The gate has a number pad, which is reachable from the driver’s side window. Enter the code you received from the Inn’s Innkeeper. Once you drive through the gate, it will automatically close. 


It is about a 1.3 miles from the gate to the Inn. This road is shared with cyclists and hikers, another reason for driving slowly and cautiously. You will park at the Inn’s accessible parking space. No gate code is needed on the return journey. As you approach the gate, stop about 15 feet from the gate and wait for the gate to automatically open.  Once you drive through the gate, it will automatically close.

Note: If you are a repeat guest and familiar with our policies and process, you may make your Reservation now.​

Questions: If you have questions about Reservations, please send an email to:


Sunday and Monday


Sundays are Member overnight reservations only. The public should not book even though the system allows it.

Monday the Inn is closed to overnight guests.


No Shows and Late Arrivals


IMPORTANT: If you are not able to come to the Inn or are arriving late: Call the Innkeeper at 415-388-9955. The Innkeepers are responsible for making sure your party arrives safely.


Closure of Inn During a Red Flag Alert / Poor Air Quality Alert


The Inn is closed during “Red Flag” fire alerts announced by the MMWD and/or Fire District personnel.  The Innkeeper and three additional people (i.e. few enough people to fit into one vehicle) may remain at the Inn during Red Flag days unless instructed by the authorities to leave the premises.  In the event of closure of the Inn due to Red Flag fire alerts, the Innkeeper and Reservationist will attempt to contact overnight guests to inform them of the Inn closure.  All overnight fees for reservations canceled because of Red Flag fire alerts will be refunded. 


These same policies and practices apply when there is officially declared Poor Air Quality on Mt. Tamalpais.  If you have questions about whether either of these alerts are in effect visit the West Point Inn website, or call the innkeeper at 415-388-9955.




All children (under 18 years of age) using the Inn must be accompanied by an adult.  One (1) adult may accompany up to three (3) children.  Children under 16 may not stay overnight in cabins without at least one adult sleeping in that cabin.  Adults are responsible for the behavior of children under their supervision and must ensure that they do not disturb other guests or injure themselves or others.  Adults are responsible for payment of any damage caused by children under their supervision. 


Overnight Fees (Tuesday-Saturday)                                 

As of January 1, 2020, highlighted changes are in affect for one year                                                                                                                                                                                             Members                        Non-Members

Per Person Rate – Adults (18 yrs. and older)                             $25/night                          $50/night

Per Person Rate – Children 2 – 17 years old                        $12.50/night                          $25/night

*Whole Inn (30 max)                                                                 $1400/night                      $1400/night

No Whole Inn Bookings allowed on Saturday

Main Bldg. Rate (13 max)                                                            $500/night                       $500/night

No Whole Main Building Bookings allowed on Saturday

Linen Rental                                                                                $20/set                                     $20/set


DAY USE of Member’s Lounge & Kitchen, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm (Tues. through Thurs.)


Daily Rate                                                                                        $150/day                           $300/day


*To reserve the Entire Inn  you must be a Member in good standing for a period of at least one year.


*Prices displayed when you book your reservation do not reflect child or member rates. The reservationist will calculate the discount before confirming the reservation and processing the final charge.


 All cabins require a two-person minimum charge per-cabin /per-night. An exception to this minimum applies when the Emig Cabin is used by a guest with a disability.


Check in Time


All guests must check in with the on duty Innkeeper between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard or Daylight Time) unless prior arrangements are made with the Innkeeper.  In all cases, guests are responsible for arriving at the Inn prior to sundown. The Inn is not responsible for informing guests of the MMWD or Park rules or for any fines imposed for after-hours hiking.  Guests who arrive late without prior arrangement with the Innkeeper may be charged a late fee.


Contact the Innkeeper at (415) 388-9955 if you are not going to show up on time for your reservation.


Check out Time


            Tuesday - Sunday:       11:00 a.m.

            Monday:                         9:00 a.m.


Use of the Kitchen


Overnight guests must finish their use of the kitchen by 9:30 pm the night of their reservation and  by 10:00 a.m. the following morning except on Monday when check out time is 9 a.m.

Clean up


Guests are responsible for certain cleaning responsibilities.  They must complete their cleaning (including cabin/room cleanup and Inn chores), breakfast cleanup and removal of food from refrigerator, and return the cabin key to the Innkeeper by check-out time.  All arrangements to leave belongings or food after checkout time must be made with the Innkeeper.  Neither the Inn nor the Innkeeper is responsible for any personal property or food belonging to any guest. 


Member Overnight Use of the Inn on Sunday Nights


Members may stay overnight at the Inn on Sunday nights subject to the following conditions:


Sunday night use is limited to a maximum of ten (10) members and guests with any variances to this number subject to the approval of the Inn Reservationist and/or on-duty Innkeeper.  Check out time on Monday is 9am. The usual overnight cleaning requirements apply.



Members may use WAMPUM to pay overnight fees for themselves only.  Members may not use Wampum to reserve the Main Bldg, the Entire Inn or Day rental of the Inn.


WPIA Special Events


WPIA special Events are defined as events sponsored and hosted by the WPIA for a special purpose; Heritage Night, Older Timers event, pancake breakfasts, etc.   WPIA members have priority for booking rooms the night before WPIA-sponsored events. The member hosting the WPIA Special Events is responsible for all reservations for overnights and meals, and collecting payment for meals and rooms.


Use of the Inn by Non WPIA Special Events


Non-WPIA SPECIAL EVENTS are defined as the use of the Inn by organized or affinity groups for a special purpose; e.g. seminars, meetings, workshops, and similar gatherings.  Political events are not permitted.  Non-WPIA sponsored special events are not permitted on weekends.  Advertising of non-WPIA sponsored special events is prohibited.


Wedding and  Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties


Weddings are not permitted at the Inn or it’s grounds. Nor are Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, or loud boisterous parties.


Kegs and Alcohol


Kegs are never permitted. Guests may bring their own alcohol for personal use if they are 21 years of age or older. 


Animals and Pets


Animals and pets are not permitted inside the Inn, rooms, cabins, or on the outside decks at anytime other than legally authorized service animals. Any animals brought to the Inn must be on a leash outside the general premises.


Smoking and Open Flames


Smoking or any open Flame of any kind, including candles is not allowed in or around the Inn, cabins, restrooms, decks and contiguous grounds. Barbecuing or use of the Inn's BBQ is not allowed.


For COVID Policies, please click here

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